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This website aims to inform those who are considering a hair transplant.

A hair transplant is no laughing matter. Even though the invasiveness of the surgical procedure has been brought to a minimum, it is still an operation that involves incisions.

In a hair transplant, a small piece of tissue is excavated from the back of a person’s head. The hair on the back of your head is not susceptible to the ravages of the DHT hormone, which makes people go bold.

When transplanted to other areas of the head, these DHT resistant follicles will eventually grow naturally in their new location.

Results vary from person to person. It is important that you do your research in order to get an estimate of how many follicles you would need to have transplanted, and also where you would need to have them transplanted.

Usually, it is a bad idea to transplant follicles near where your hairline used to be. After all, it is likely that as you get older your hairline will recede further. You don’t want to be forced into getting more hair transplants as your hairline recession progresses.

Therefore, it is safe to take into account your expected hair situation a few years into the future.

If you want to know what your hair will look like in the future, have a look at the males in your mother’s side of the family. This is usually a good indicator of the baldness pattern that you will experience yourself.

Hair transplants have improved much over the years. It is not a new procedure. It was already being done decades ago, but the results usually gave people the dreaded “doll hair effect”.

Today, hair transplant surgeons make use of modern lasers that cut very accurately and allow for the precise placement of single follicles. Overall, this technique yields very natural results. It also makes the procedure a lot quicker and cheaper than it was back in the old days.

As the years progress, it is expected that hair restoration technology will improve, making it ever more accessible to the public.

But as with any cosmetic surgery: make sure to be informed before actually undergoing such a procedure!

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