Tom Arnold’s Hair Transplant

tom arnold hair transplant 01  
Tom Arnold in his younger years. This is what his hair used to look like.

tom arnold hair transplant 02  
Here he is slightly older and his hairline has receded somewhat.

tom arnold hair transplant 03  
Tom Arnold’s hair transplant. I’m not sure if the hairs on top are hair plugs. Probably not.

tom arnold hair transplant 04  
Another shot of the same hairline as above.

tom arnold hair transplant 05  
In this picture, he obviously has more hair than he did before. The hairline clearly gives away that we are dealing with hair plugs here.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel  
Tom Arnold’s restored hairline from a different angle.

tom arnold hair transplant 07  
Click this image for a bigger version. The studio lights shining from above is clearly showing that Tom’s hair plugs aren’t looking as natural as they should.

Overall, I don’t think Tom Arnold’s hair transplant is the best I’ve ever seen. My own HT is certainly a lot better. And so are other celebrities’ hair plugs. But it’s most definitely an improvement for Tom, so as long as he is happy with his hair, it’s all good!

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