The Cost Of Medical Hair Restoration

One day, you’re living your life like you always do. There are no clouds in the sky and you can’t see a storm brewing miles away. The next day, it’s as if you get struck by lightning. Hair loss. One day it will happen to you, too (if it hasn’t already). You get out of bed and look in the mirror. You notice your hairline is receding. You realize that you are losing your hair and instantly you wonder how much more hair loss there is going to be in your near future. Everybody starts losing hair at some point in life. There’s not much you can do to prevent it. There are some things you can do to slow it down or reverse it at least partially. There are no cure-alls for hair loss as of yet, but we’re not completely powerless in the battle against hair loss!

What I always recommend people is to first go on the drug finasteride or dutasteride. Both of these drugs are proven to be effective against hair loss and they are FDA approved. They don’t completely stop your hair loss, but they can work wonders in slowing it down. The more hair you have left, the more you have to gain from using this medication. But in some cases, people don’t get on these meds until they’ve lost about half of their hair.

Neither finasteride nor dutasteride will reverse your hair loss. Well, maybe just a little. But the only hairs that will be saved are the thinning ones. Those will get thicker. But the ones that are gone can not be resurrected by drugs. If you want to cover up an area that has been bald for a long time, your only option is to medical hair restoration.

Medical Hair Restoration Price

Medical hair restoration, otherwise known as the hair transplant, is a surgical way of restoring hair to an area that is either completely bald or almost. In the case where it is almost bald, what I mean is that the hair density is so low that it looks cosmetically repulsive. Areas with a very low hair density can be filled up by a hair transplant doctor in order to achieve a higher hair density and look good again.

But medical hair restoration costs vary wildly from one clinic to the next. You’ll probably want to find the cheapest hair transplant you can find, so you’re going to have to visit a number of clinics so you can compare prices. No clinic will ever be able to give you a fixed price for you personally over the phone. A good hair transplant clinic will always invite you to come over and talk to a consultant. The consultant will make a judgment of your personal situation and he will take a number of factors into a account. Think about the quality of your donor hair, the area you want covered, etc. Based on this judgment, the consultant will be able to give you a fixed price.

Small hair transplants are already around $10,000. Larger hair transplants can even be as expensive as $25,000.

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