Steven Seagal’s Hair Transplant

steven seagal hair transplant 01  
Steven Seagal’s hair transplant. The light from above shows his hair plugs pretty well.

steven seagal hair transplant 02  
Steven was younger in this picture. What do you think? Hair plug hairline or not?

steven seagal hair transplant 03  
A pretty recent picture. It looks like he’s got pretty good coverage, but we won’t know for sure until somebody shines a light on it.

steven seagal hair transplant 04  
Steven Seagal acting in one of his many fighting movies. He’s got the same hairline as he does right now. Does that mean he already had his hair transplant done at this time, or has the hair transplant simply restored his previous hairline?

asian excellence awards 3 240408  
Hairline looking pretty decent…

steven seagal hair transplant 06  
An older, grayer Steven jamming away at a gig!

steven seagal hair transplant 07  
Look at the hairline! Obviously plugs, but if you don’t focus on it, it really doesn’t look that bad!

steven seagal hair transplant 08  
Natural looking hairline!

I think Steven Seagal’s hair transplant gives him pretty high density coverage and it also covers a large area. Most guys lose a lot of hair on top and then only have a part of it restored. Steven probably only had receding hairlines. I can’t imagine he was once completely bald on top. Of all the celebrity hair transplants I’ve seen, this has to be one of the greatest!

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