Salman Khan Hair Transplant

Salman Khan is an Indian actor who appears in Bollywood movies. He has many adoring fans and he is one of the leading actors in Hindi cinema.

In April 2007, he has undergone one of the world’s most successful hair transplants. Let’s have a look at the before and after pictures!


Salman Khan’s receding hairline


Before surgery


During treatment (note the red line on top of his head)


After surgery


Salman Khan’s hair transplant


Salman Khan’s hair weaving

People all over the world are wondering who the genius doctor is that has performed his work on Salman Khan.

But nobody seems to know!

The only thing that is known about about Salman Khan hair transplant, is that he has had it done in Dubai by an American surgeon. He went there multiple times for several phases of his surgery.

To be honest, it is said that not all the hair on his head is naturally his. Rumors are that some nylon hair is woven in there to make his hair look a little thicker.

You might wonder why Salman Khan would go to such lengths to get a pretty head of hair again.

In 2003, Salman Khan has had a botched hair transplant in America. He had to shave his head bald to cover up the less than impressive results.

I can imagine that he was angry about it and years later, in 2007, decided to have it fixed up a little.

Lookin’ good, Salman!

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