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Pro Extensions #2 Dark Brown Why Pro Extensions?

A few years ago, I decided to try out hair extensions for the first time ever. I just had to have them because I couldn’t stand having to wait for months for my hair to grow after cutting the split ends. I have had long hair for as long as I can remember and I really can’t imagine wearing it any other way.

The first few hair extensions that I tried were also clip ons, but they were not from Pro Extensions. And they were also not 100% human hair. And that brings me to the answer to the question “why Pro Extensions?”. Simple… because they’re 100% human hairs.

Synthetic hairs are very well made these days, don’t get me wrong about that. But in my opinion, they still can not hold a candle to real human hair. Human hair feels so much more… real!


Pro Extensions #2 Dark Brown Pro Extensions Review – My Personal Experience

Pro Extensions come in a wide variety of colors. Not everybody will be able to find their own color, despite the many colors that they come in (chocolate brown, dark blonde, brown with golden blonde, etc.). However, I got lucky and managed to find these dark brown ones. My color exactly!!!

The images you see in my review are the 24” long wefts. They are even wider than they are long: 39”! If you think that you’re getting a lot of value for money with this, then you would be absolutely right. Because 24” by 39” really is a lot of hair!

It didn’t take me long at all to put them in. The clips are of very good quality, actually. I was not expecting this, considering my experience with hair extension clips in the past. Some of them used to break after having used them only a couple of times.

The Pro Extension clips have a polymer coating and you can tell. The clips feel much more comfortable than other clips. They also feel very sturdy, like they’re going to last a long time.


Pro Extensions #2 Dark Brown Pro Extensions Review – Continued

The wefts come in different sizes. Their lengths are all 24”, but their widths differ. There is one 8 inch wide weft, one 7 inch wide weft, two 6 inch wide wefts and 6 one and a half inch wefts.

Then there are 2 one and a half inch wefts without any clips. These are purely for doing styling tests.

Speaking of which… I have tried out some styling on these 100% human hair extensions myself. I used the test wefts before I used the ones with clips, ofcourse. I haven’t colored them, because I don’t want to change my color. But I did try to style them (more curls) with my hair iron!

This went surprisingly well. The Pro Extensions allow themselves to be styled just like your regular hair. You will hardly notice any difference in comparison to styling your own hair. I wouldn’t go as far as to style the extensions while you are wearing them. You might as well take them off to get a good look at what you’re doing to them. A luxury you do not have with your own hair!

All in all, I’m very happy with my Pro Extensions. I definitely got my money’s worth, as I have managed to get these Pro Extensions at the best price I could find them at. There are not many lower prices to be found on the web. And I can tell, because I really went out of my way to find the best deal I could.

I have plenty of hair for the time being. But if I were ever to feel the need for yet more hair, I would definitely buy Pro Extensions again based on my experience!

– Jessica Hawkins, 28


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