Matthew McConaughey’s Hair Transplant

Receded hairline with the hair transplant result next to it: Another before and after shot: Matthew McConaughey’s hair transplant simply looks awesome. His hairline had receded pretty far. It used to look really, really thin on top of there. But his hair transplant has restored that hairline real nicely. Density looks good to me.

Edward Norton’s Hair Transplant

Edward’s hairline before his transplant: Edward’s hairline after his hair transplant: Another good hairline photo for Edward Norton: Edward Norton’s hair transplant is a nice piece of work. His thinning hairline up front didn’t look so good. I’m glad his decision to have his hairline reconstructed worked out so well for him.

Christian Slater’s Hair Transplant

A good view of Christian Slater’s hair transplant hairline: A natural looking hairline for Christian Slater: Christian Slater’s hair transplant is one of the most impressive out there. His hair line used to be way back. His hairline was definitely receding before he got his hair transplant done. It looks very natural to me.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hair Transplant

Does this hairline look like evidence of a transplant?  Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hair transplant doesn’t look bad, even though I’ve seen better. The transplant hair line is clearly visible. But overall, Arnold’s hair transplant makes him look like he’s got a healthy head of hair. Not bad, Arnie!

Al Pacino’s Hair Transplant

Al’s thinning hair: Al Pacino’s hair transplant: Al’s thinning hair pre op: Al Pacino’s hair transplant looks really nice. He used to have thinning up front, but with the work done on his hair, it looks fuller again. He looks pretty good for a guy his age!

Celebrity Hair Transplant Photos

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