Nicholas Cage’s Hair Transplant

nicholas cage hair transpant 01  
An older and slightly dark picture of a Nicolas Cage. He probably didn’t have any work done at this point.

nicholas cage hair transpant 02  
A closeup of Nic Cage! Smile!

nicholas cage hair transpant 03  
Another closeup. This one shows his implanted hairs more clearly.

nicholas cage hair transplant 04  
Click the picture for a bigger version. You can see his implanted hairs are a little thin. But then again, all implanted hair is. It still looks a lot better than being completely bald, though.

nicholas cage hair transplant 05  
Nicolas Cage’s hair plugs look dark and thick.

nicholas cage hair transplant 06  
Nice coverage just so long as there is no light shining on his hair plugs.

nicholas cage hair transplant 07  
Again, his implanted hairs look pretty thick and give good coverage without light shining from above.

nicholas cage hair transplant 08  
Nic Cage’s hairline doesn’t look bad at all.

nicholas cage hair transplant 09
Nicholas Cage’s hair transplant.

I think Nicholas Cage’s hair transplant doesn’t look bad! As a matter of fact, I think it looks pretty good! He obviously didn’t have enough donor hair to cover his entire head. But that’s alright. He looks far from bald thanks to his HT. This is a good look for him. The hair plugs are thick and sturdy and they go naturally with the rest of his natural hair. Great job, Nicolas!

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