Laser Hair Transplants – The Modern Way Of Hair Restoration

For as long as people have been going bald, they have been wanting a solution to their problem. We are kind of weird when it comes to hair. We have hair all over our bodies. Some of us have more than others. Almost all of us agree that hair on your body is bad and hair on your head is good. The strong urge to have a great head of hair is leading some people to take drastic decisions in order to prevent, slow down, stop or even reverse their hair loss.

Being a human being myself, I understand completely. I too, have had a hair transplant and I understand the pain of any young guy who’s losing his hair and thinking about having it done as well.

Laser Hair Transplant

The type of hair transplant I had was one where the laser was used to create the recipient sites on top of my scalp, where the donor hairs are to be transplanted. The consultant I have spoken with, as well as the owner of the hair transplant clinic I have visited, both had their recipient sites created the old fashioned way. Many years ago, the technology wasn’t at all that hot. There were certainly no $100,000 lasers used in hair transplant surgery. It was done using much cheaper and cruder devices. Some surgeons used a scalpel to create the recipient sites. Others used some type of punching device that created a large pit for the hairs to be transplanted into.

But thanks to the fact that, nowadays, clinics are using laser hair transplant surgery, the recipient sites are no longer large, gaping wounds that heal up with lots of scar tissue. The laser is able to create extremely small recipient sites. These are just big enough that they are able to take a graft containing 1 to 4 hair follicles. The sites are small enough that they will heal up completely within 3 days. There is never any excessive scar tissue after the healing. In my case, the transplanted area has remained a little more sensitive. But in most cases, it will heal up in such a way that you won’t ever feel anything from it.

The laser is used for creating recipient sites only. It plays no role in the excavating of the strip of donor hair. There are many lasers that can be used. Some type of lasers will create more heat than other types of lasers. The ones creating less heat are preferred. The less heat damage a laser does to the surrounding tissue, the smaller the chance that healthy hairs in the surrounding tissue are accidentily burnt to a crisp.

In these modern times, bad hair transplant surgery is almost completely a thing of the past. When stepping into a clinic and you have a talk with the consultant, ask them how modern their equipment is. The more modern it is, the better your results will be. And better yet… the lower the chance that something goes wrong, leaving you excessively scarred and dissatisfied.

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