Jude Law’s Hair Transplant

jude law hair transplant 01  
Jude Law in his younger years. He obviously didn’t need work done on his hair back then. His hairline is slightly receded because he had already entered his twenties here.

jude law hair transplant 02  
Fast forward a couple of years. This is how bald Jude Law used to be before getting hair plugs.

jude law hair transplant 03  
Jude Law’s hair transplant.

jude law hair transplant 04  
After having had a hair transplant, Jude Law once again looks like a million bucks!

jude law hair transplant 05  
His hairline has been restored to what it used to be when he still had all his natural hair.

jude law hair transplant 06  
A close up photo, showing Jude Law’s mid front hair plugs flowing along naturally with the rest of his hair.

jude law hair transplant 07  
Jude Law’s hair plugs standing straight up.

Jude Law’s hair transplant looks very natural. His surgeon has obviously attempted to restore the hairline he had when he was younger. And I feel he has succeeded in this. Jude Law hasn’t accomplished coverage of a really large area, but the hairline looks really natural. All in all, this is a very impressive hair transplant!

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