Jeremy Piven’s Hair Transplant

jeremy piven hair transplant 01  
Let’s begin with a before and after picture. I think it’s pretty clear which one is which. On the left, Jeremy Piven is looking pretty bald. On the left, we see him with hair plugs. As a result, he just doesn’t look bald anymore!

jeremy piven hair transplant 02  
Jeremy showing of his hair work and it’s looking pretty good. He’s got more coverage on the left. I wonder if this is before his balding or if it’s because it’s a really dark picture.

jeremy piven hair transplant 03  
A confident Jeremy Piven is smiling at the camera. He’s probably proud of his hairline!

cat on tin roof 070308  
Jeremy Piven’s hair transplant. It slightly looks like a comb over, but overall his hair do looks pretty decent to me.

IMG_3120_Jeremy Piven.jpg  
The same hair do from a different angle.

jeremy piven hair transplant 06  
When Jeremy cuts his hair short, you get a better look at his receded hairline. But I don’t think it looks bad, except for the fact that he has receded more on the right than he has on the left.

jeremy piven hair transplant 07  
In this picture, Jeremy’s hair looks just awesome. Look at how much coverage he has managed to get! 

I think Jeremy Piven’s hair transplant looks pretty damn good. I’m not sure if, at some times, he is using a spray to make the skin underneath the hair look darker to give the illusion of higher density. Maybe he just had multiple hair transplants. I think he looks very good in the last picture. There are celebrities who have hair plugs that look considerably less attractive than his. Check out some more celebrity hair transplant photos!

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