Jamie Foxx’s Hair Transplant

jamie foxx hair transplant 01  
Jamie Foxx’s hairline before having any work done. Notice his large forehead area.

jamie foxx hair transplant 02  
After his hair transplant, Jamie kind of looks like he’s wearing a hair helmet.

jamie foxx hair transplant 03  
Jamie Foxx’s hair transplant..

jamie foxx hair transplant 04  
Another shot of Jamie Foxx’s hair plugs.

jamie foxx hair transplant 05  
It’s like Jamie Foxx’s temple hairs are coming closer to each with each passing year.

I don’t know what to think of Jamie Foxx’s hair transplant. His hairline definitely used to be up higher. But to say he was actually bald would be taking it a little too far. Perhaps he had self esteem issues about the size of his forehead. Could it be that Jamie Foxx’s hair plugs are there to make his forehead look smaller? For some more pictures of Jamie Foxx, check out these celebrity hair transplant pictures.

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