James Nesbitt’s Hair Transplant

james nesbitt hair transplant 01  
James Nesbitt in one of his many movies. At this point, he’s as bald as I’ve ever seen him. Look at how far that hairline has receded!

james nesbitt hair transplant 02  
James in another one of his movies. The hairline has been restored quite a long way. The hairline clearly gives away that we’re looking at hair plugs here.

james nesbitt hair transplant 03  
James with his hair short. Probably right after a hair transplant. The plugs are still growing.

james nesbitt hair transplant 04  
We can’t see all of James Nesbitt’s hair here, but the hairline is clearly visible. It looks pretty natural for hair plugs.

james nesbitt hair transplant 05  
James was still pretty bald in this picture.

james nesbitt hair transplant 06  
A recent picture with plenty of lighting from above. It’s looking pretty thin like this, but still it doesn’t look bad. James Nesbitt’s hair plugs give him a lot of coverage.

james nesbitt hair transplant 07  
James Nesbitt’s hair transplant.

james nesbitt hair transplant 08  
Before and after pictures, clearly showing the huge difference!

James Nesbitt’s hair transplant looks far from bad. The guy has managed to get quite a bit of coverage. If you’ve checked out the picture at the top, you’ll notice he had really lost a lot of hair. I’m so happy to see him with all that new hair of him because it really gives him back his youthful appearance. If I’m not mistaken, James has had at least two hair transplants, because I can count two different hairlines in the pictures above.

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