Hollywood Hair Transplant Celebrities

kelsey grammer hair transplant - 01

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Kelsey Grammer’s hair transplant doesn’t exactly give the best density in the world, but at least the guy’s got some coverage. We all know and love Kelsey from the hit series Frasier. Kelsey used to be completely bald, but he is bald no longer. Whoever his performing doctor was, he did a great job with the little bit of donor hair that was available from the back of Kelsey’s head. The results look pretty decent, as far as I can see!

harry connick hair transplant - 01

harry connick hair transplant - 02

harry connick hair transplant - 03

harry connick hair transplant - 04

harry connick hair transplant - 05

Harry Connick’s hair transplant has returned his hairline to him. When you look at the pictures above, you can see that he’s got plugs up front and it’s pretty obvious. The hairline doesn’t look completely natural, but in Harry’s case I’d say it’s okay. He played Leo in Will & Grace, one of my favorite series of all time. As far as I can tell, he had the same head of hair throughout the entire show. It makes me think he had his head worked over a long time ago already. Whoever took care of Harry, did a really good job!

tom cruise hair transplant 01

tom cruise hair transplant 02

tom cruise hair transplant 03

tom cruise hair transplant 04

tom cruise hair transplant 05

Tom Cruise’s hair transplant is one of the better ones out there. He has acted in hit movies such as Top Gun, Cocktail and Valkyrie. He definitely doesn’t have all of his own, natural hair anymore. It’s okay thought, because he’s about to enter middle age. Because Tom has all the money in the world, he can easily afford to have something done about his hair. The fifth image clearly shows he’s had some work up front. But that’s only visible if you look closely. Overall, this hair job looks pretty good.

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ben stiller hair transplant - 02

ben stiller hair transplant - 03

ben stiller hair transplant - 04

ben stiller hair transplant - 05

Ben Stiller’s hair transplant has clearly improved his predicament. The hairs up front look like plugs to me. The density isn’t all that, but he’s got pretty good coverage. Imagine if that hair up front wasn’t there. He’d have a pretty big bald spot. But thanks to the work he had done, this is no longer the case. His temples are still bald, but I think it looks good on him. He is a comic actor, after all. There’s nothing wrong with looking funny if making people laugh is your day job!

charlie sheen hair transplant - 01

charlie sheen hair transplant - 02

charlie sheen hair transplant - 03

charlie sheen hair transplant - 04

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Charlie Sheen’s hair transplant looks pretty good! In his younger years, Charlie had a head full of hair. His hairline was completely straight and they were thick, black hairs. A few years later, his hairline had started to recede and his temples were visible. I think his hair loss may even have been worse, but he’s never shown that in public. Charlie’s donor hair was obviously good enough that his performing surgeon was able to work a small miracle with it. I think Charlie is looking really, really good!

Another successful transplant surgery you might want to have a look at, is Dennis Miller’s hair transplant. For yet another example of the great successes that can be had with this type of surgery, check out Dan Haggerty’s hair transplant. Dan has openly come out with the fact that he had work done on his hair. He even appeared in television commercials for the Nuhart company, which performed his surgery.

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