Hair Transplants In Los Angeles

You can get hair transplants everywhere these days. You will find most of the clinics that offer this treatment in the big cities. Los Angeles is no exception to this rule. People in the big city are usually more aware of their appearance and this attracts people that offer cosmetic treatments.

These clinics offer strip hair transplants where a strip of tissue is excised from the back of your head. This donor area will then be cut into tiny little grafts that will then be implanted back into the balding area of your scalp.

Some of the newer hair transplant methods such as follicular unit extraction, may or may not be offered at these locations at the time you are reading this.

It is best to inform with all of these clinics to ask about what methods they use and what their price ranges are. If you take the time to inform and educate yourself, you have the greatest chance of getting a successful hair transplant.

The table below shows the best known 4 clinics for hair transplants in Los Angeles. I am giving your their web addresses and phone numbers so you can contact them yourself.

I don’t know anything about the reputation of these clinics. You are going to have to find out on your own if the services they offer are high quality.

Perhaps you could surf the Internet to look for people who have had hair transplants at these clinics. By talking to a few of them, you will probably get a good idea of what the quality of their treatment is.

Client satisfaction is the best way of finding out what results you can expect to get at these clinics. Good luck finding the best place to have your hair surgery done.

Ziering Medical 888-245-6429
Hairlab 888-390-6619
New Hair Institute 1-800-639-4247
Medical Hair Restoration 800-647-8692

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