Hair Transplants Can Give You An Instant Confidence Boost!

We are all getting older with each passing year. We don’t like it, but it’s a fact of life and a fact of nature. What can we do about it? Not much, unfortunately. But nor are we completely helpless against the merciless ravages of mother nature’s aging process. With supplements, creams and healthy diets & exercise, we can offset gaining weight, getting wrinkles, losing strength and losing our dexterity. There is one thing we can’t really do so much about unless we are willing to seek refuge in drastic measures. And that would be hair loss. What is a person supposed to do when his or her hair starts falling out? It makes us feel so robbed of our youthful looks that it sometimes sends us spiraling off into a depression.

When losing your hair, there is a number of things you can do to combat it. There are topicals, toupees and hair pieces, for example. Some topicals improve your situation slightly. Hair pieces and toupees are not a real solution in the sense that they are not actually attached to your own scalp. Other solutions include the use of drugs such as finasteride and dutasteride. Both have been proven to slow down the process of hair loss, but they are unable to stop it completely, let alone reverse it.

Reverse Hair Loss With A Hair Transplant

This is where hair restoration surgery comes in. This procedure might be invasive and costly, but as of yet it is the only known treatment that can actually reverse the loss of hair, albeit only partly. A hair transplant can never restore all of your hair, unless ofcourse you’ve lost only very little. But even then the hair you lost can only be restored up to a certain density. And yet, you’d be surprised at how much coverage this procedure can sometimes give you on a large, bald area on top of the head. While the density will be less than that of the natural hair that once grew there, the implants won’t look thin. Results vary from one person to the next. Some person have thicker donor hair than others. It will result in a greater cosmetic enhancement after getting hair surgery.

If you are to find out just how much confidence can be restored along with lost hair, it will be interesting to have a look at Nicholas Cage’s hair transplant, for example. When Nicolas had entered his thirties, he had already lost a lot of hair. His situation was still acceptable at that time. But as the years progressed, he lost more and more hair. Eventually, he was almost completely bald. But after having the treatment, his hair once again makes him shine brightly. Look at all the confidence he gets from it!

Another great one to look at is James Nesbitt’s hair transplant. Like Nicholas, James lost a lot of hair as he reached middle age. Just have a look at that receded hairline. There really was almost nothing left except for that little bit of hair in the middle. After James’ hair restoration, a large area of his scalp now once again has hair. James is a good example of a person who hasn’t managed to get a very high density along with big coverage. But I still think it makes him look good. And once again… look at his confidence now!

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