Hair Transplants And Celebrities

david caruso hair transplant 01

david caruso hair transplant 02

david caruso hair transplant 03

david caruso hair transplant 04

david caruso hair transplant 05

David Caruso’s hair transplant. This man walked away from a series that turned out to be a huge success in the nineties. For a moment there, people were wondering if David had made the right choice. Luckily, he ended up in CSI: Miami, also a very successful show. His hair has receded quite a bit over time, but it was nothing that a transplant couldn’t fix. The last picture quite clearly shows thick hairs in low density, clear signs of a hair job.

patrick roy hair transplant 01

patrick roy hair transplant 02

patrick roy hair transplant 03

patrick roy hair transplant 04

Patrick Roy’s hair transplant is looking pretty good, if that is even a transplant at all. I’m in doubt about this one. Patrick was a professional hockey player who led a pretty rough life when he was on the ice. You’d expect that kind of a lifestyle to take its toll on a man’s hair ;). In the last picture, I’m thinking that the hairs up front may be implants. Not sure though. But if those really are plugs, then this is one darn fine hair job!

conan o brien hair transplant 01

conan o brien hair transplant 02

conan o brien hair transplant 03

conan o brien hair transplant 04

conan o brien hair transplant 05

Conan o’ Brien’s hair transplant is the talk of the day. Any day! This guy has such sturdy and thick looking hair up front, it’s hard to imagine that this hair is completely natural. Being a funny guy, hair pointing upwards is something that looks good on him. This is also the case with Rob Schneider’s hair transplant, which you can have a look at by following the link.

tony la russa hair transplant 01

tony la russa hair transplant 02

tony la russa hair transplant 03

Tony La Russa’s hair transplant has given him quite a bit of coverage. He is currently a manager in Major League Baseball. And you know what baseball players like to do… they like to wear caps! And constant cap wearing has a reputation of demolishing one’s healthy hair. Whichever the cause was of Tony La Russa’s hair loss, he’s looking better again. In the first two pictures, we can clearly see how incredibly thin his hair is. In the third picture, however, he seems to have much more coverage. Good for you, Tony!

donald trump hair transplant - 01

donald trump hair transplant - 02

donald trump hair transplant - 03

donald trump hair transplant - 04

donald trump hair transplant - 05

Donald Trump’s hair transplant is one of the most widely discussed hair jobs on the face of the planet. Everybody always wants to know what’s up with the Trumpmeister’s hair. He has let people feel his hair to see if it’s not a wig. When they find out that the hair is indeed attached to his head, they conclude it’s real. Well yeah… ofcourse it’s real. But that doesn’t disprove that he has had surgical hair restoration. Implants are kind of ‘real’ too, you know what I mean?

You think these transplants are real pieces of work? You ought to look at David Lee Roth’s hair transplant!

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