Hair Transplant Costs Lower In The Recession!

If you are suffering from thinning hair, or if you already have bald spots, then you may have already considered getting a hair transplant at some point. The only way to get hair growing again in such bald spots is ofcourse the hair transplant. And if you think the bad economy is all bad news an no good news, then think again. Because of the recession, hair restoration surgery prices are coming down hard and fast. This type of surgery is a so called elective surgical procedure. This means that it doesn’t need to be performed to cure a sick person or to otherwise improve health. These elective procedures are always the first ones to see prices coming down.

With a hair transplant, you can treat male pattern baldness when you are losing your hair. Sometimes, women will also suffer from hair loss, although in women the pattern is a little different. Where men tend to lose hair at the temples, women tend to have decreasing hair density all over their heads. When hair loss occurs, the follicles on top of the head have stopped producing hairs because they have been wrecked by the DHT hormone. Nothing will get them working again, so they must be replaced.

The back of your head will be your donor area. This is where the doctor will get the grafts from that contain your hairs to be transplanted. These grafts usually cost between $3 and $8 per unit. The price varies from time to time and from clinic to clinic. The price can also be negotiated. Since hundreds if not thousands of these grafts will be transplanted per session, I am sure you’ll understand that a lower graft price has a dramatic effect on the total price you will end up paying for your personal hair transplant.

Cheaper Hair Transplant Prices

In the twenty years or so, more people come to realize that this is currently the only viable way of restoring hair to a balding scalp. As a result, the number of times this procedure has been performed has skyrocketed. The treatment has become so popular that everybody has heard of it by now. Check out some of these celebrity hair transplants to see what I’m talking about. Especially in Hollywood, it’s going to be hard to find somebody above the age of 30 of who hasn’t had a hair transplant yet! Check out some more celebrity hair plugs right here.

Ofcourse, you can also take drugs against hair loss. Finasteride and dutasteride are known to slow down hair loss significantly. But to actually restore hair that is now lost, you will have to resort to hair restoration surgery. It’s hard to have to go through. But once you’ve done so, you can enjoy a full head of hair for many years to come.

Because hair transplant clinics are in the business to make money and they want to survive the recession, they will be willing to negotiate and give you a discount. Without patients, they wouldn’t be able to make money. Because so many people are now strapped for cash, prices will have to come down. Now is the time to make use of this opportunity. From the view of the clinic, making only a little money off a patient is better than not making any money at all.

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