Gordon Ramsay’s Hair Transplant – Worth The Money, Or £30,000 Flushed Down The Drain?

Gordon Ramsay… who hasn’t heard of him these days? He’s the star of the show Hell’s Kitchen, where he visits not-so-well running restaurants to set the owners straight!

Gordon is well known for dropping one F-bomb after another. Some don’t like him for his excessive profanity. But in all honesty… I think Gordon is looking out for the restaurant owners’ best interest!

Rumor has it that Gordon Ramsay has undergone a hair transplant at Alvi Armani, Los Angeles. According to the rumor, Gordon has had an FUE (follicular unit extraction) treatment here. He paid no less than £30,000 for his work!

Was it worth it? Let’s have a look at Gordan Ramsay’s hair transplant photos!

gordon ramsay hair transplant - before after

Gordon Ramsay’s hair transplant before and after photos. Left is before and right is after, in case you can’t figure out which is which. The difference is hard to tell. Perhaps his transplanted hair still needs to grow in properly. One thing we notice is that he’s had his hair dyed to make it look lighter. Perhaps he’s trying to come off a little more friendly!

gordon ramsay hair transplant gordon ramsay hair transplant

These photos are said to be after the hair transplant. It’s still pretty hard to see the results of the operation, isn’t it? At this point, one has to start wondering if all the rumors are true.

gordon ramsay alvi armani

As it turns out… yes the rumors are true. Here we see Gordon Ramsay leaving the Alvi Armani clinic in Los Angeles. He has spent around 12 hours inside right before the end of 2010. He is wearing some sort of head gear to protect his freshly operated head from the cold air outside.

gordon ramsay hair transplant - before after

Gordon Ramsay’s hair transplant – before & after. Or should I say ‘after & before’, because the right one is pre-op and the left one is post-op. Here we can see the results a little clearer. In the right image, Gordon’s receding hairline is quite obvious. Big temples. In the left picture, the temples are already a little smaller. Granted, he combs the temples over a bit. But the fact that he now has enough hair to even do that, says a lot.

It’s also pretty obvious in the left picture that Gordon also does botox and that he has also had work done on his teeth. Those teeth are either veneers or he’s had a teeth whitening treatment.

gordon ramsay hair transplant - before gordon ramsay hair transplant - after

Two more Gordon Ramsay hair transplant pictures. In the left one, he hasn’t had the work done yet. You can definitely clearly see his temples in the left picture. The right picture shows Gordon’s new hair do. There seems to be more hair at the temples. His face is also clearly botoxed and his hair is much lighter!

gordon ramsay hair transplant - before gordon ramsay hair transplant - after

And yet two more before & after photos of Gordon Ramsay’s hair transplant! Left is pre-op. The temples are, again, clearly visible. The right image shows Gordon with a slightly thicker head of hair. The right photo is perhaps the most convincing one that I have come across so far. But in this picture he hasn’t been botoxed yet. I like the un-botoxed Gordon a lot better than the botoxed one anyway.

gordon ramsay hair transplant

And in conclusion, here is the biggest picture I could find of Gordon Ramsay’s hair transplant. I can see his temples in this one, but apparently this is a post-op photo.

In summary we can say that there have definitely been celebrity hair transplants that have made much bigger differences than the one that Gordon had.

But then again… Gordon has had the treatment at the end of the previous year. At the time of writing, this is not even 3 weeks ago!

I’ve had a hair transplant myself and I know from experience that it takes a good two months before the first results start to become visible.

My own hair transplant was over 10 years ago and it was a conventional strip transplant. Gordon has had the FUE treatment performed on him. I’m not sure if the strip transplant takes longer to show results than the FUE treatment, or the other way around.

But even when we assume that, with an FUE treatment, transplanted follicles start producing hair right from the moment they’ve been transplanted… then the hair will still take time to grow. Hair grows 1cm per month on average.

I strongly feel we should give Gordon Ramsay’s hair plugs a little more time to settle in. I’m keeping my eye on him. I’m watching Gordon’s hair like a hawk. And if I see more convincing results in the near future, I’ll make sure to make a post about them right here on the celebrity hair transplant site!

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