Farouk CHI 2100 Rocket Hair Dryer Review

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For the past fifteen years or so, I have used the same hair dryer year in and year out. It was quite a powerful dryer, up to the very day that it broke down on me. It has provided me with loyal service, but the time had come to say goodbye. I saved up a bit of money and started browsing the web to look for a new hair dryer.

In the last decade or so, there have obviously been lots of advances in hair drying technology. I was completely oblivious to this, because I had not once asked myself if there were better dryers available than the one I used to have. It dried my hair really nicely, but it did so with a lot of noise. When I was reading up on the Farouk Chi 2100, I read that it was pretty quiet for hair dryer’s standards.

Farouk’s claim was that it dries hair a lot faster than most other dryers. I wasn’t sure what to think of that. But I was convinced by all the positive reviews I had read on the CHI 2100. So I decided to buy this Farouk hair dryer and see for myself.

I noticed right away that it is a very light dryer. It’s much easier to wield. For such a lightweight device, it sure knows how to pack a punch. It will blow you away for sure! It’s 1800 watts, so what did you expect? The first setting is already hot enough to get your hair dry and shiny in a matter of minutes.

The Farouk CHI 2100 can dry your hair with two different kinds of heat:

  • infrared heat
  • ionic heat (negative ions)

The difference between these two is that infrared heat warms and dries your hair from the inside out, meaning that you will dry your hair a lot faster than you normally would. Infrared heat goes straight through your hair.

Ionic heat, on the other hand, brings along negatively charged ions with it. Broken and damaged hair is positively charged. The negative ions from the hair dryer will bond with your hair’s positively charged ions, which helps with the healing process.

Next to that, the CHI 2100 is also a low EMF (electro magnetic field) hair dryer. Many people are worried that high EMF is bad for your health. I have never worried too much about it myself. But I suppose if you are worried about it, then you’ll be happy to know this dryer is low EMF.

After having used the Farouk CHI 2100 Rocket for a few weeks, I must say that I am very pleased with it. It really does dry my hair a lot faster than anything I have seen before. It’s also true that ionic heat really does work in repairing damaged hair. My hair feels so much more softer and it’s shinier as well. I would definitely recommend this hair dryer!

– Alice Andrews, 43

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