Famous People With Hair Transplants

bobby hull hair transplant - 01

bobby hull hair transplant - 02

bobby hull hair transplant - 03

bobby hull hair transplant - 04

bobby hull hair transplant - 05

Bobby Hull’s hair transplant has restored quite a bit of hair in his balding areas. When he was a successful hockey player in his younger years, he still had a full head of hair. Check the top picture. But then he lost some of it. Check the second picture to see the results. And shortly after that, he decided to have surgery to have a part of his youth restored to him. And I must say that Bobby’s hair looks pretty good these days!

stacy keach hair transplant - 01

stacy keach hair transplant - 02

stacy keach hair transplant - 03

stacy keach hair transplant - 04

stacy keach hair transplant - 05

Stacy Keach’s hair transplant looks pretty natural to me. Stacy has been acting for a long time now. You may have seen him in such shows as Two And A Half Men, Lights Out, Meteor and many, many more series and movies. As a professional actor, Stacy depends on his looks for his income. When he lost his hair and was basically bald, he didn’t like his new look at all that much. A transplant procedure has given him much coverage and the results look pretty natural. Great implants, Stacy!

gary numan hair transplant - 01

gary numan hair transplant - 02

gary numan hair transplant - 03

gary numan hair transplant - 04

gary numan hair transplant - 05

gary numan hair transplant - 06

Gary Numan’s hair transplant… if this were truly only the result of a transplant procedure, then I would want at least a dozen of such procedures. The truth is that Gary probably also wears extensions, or maybe has a toupee, and then maybe some hair cover up spray or something. All in all, Gary looks pretty good for his age. The massive amount of hair, whether it be real or fake, gives him the image of the enfant terrible of the music world… which is exactly what he’s aiming for if you ask me.

dan haggerty hair transplant - 01

dan haggerty hair transplant - 02

dan haggerty hair transplant - 03

dan haggerty hair transplant - 04

dan haggerty hair transplant - 05

Dan Haggerty’s hair transplant is one of the better ones I’ve seen recently. Dan is famous for playing the Grizzly Adams in the television series that go by the same name. In the show, he played a guy who had a Grizzly bear as a companion. With his husky looks and his wild manes, Dan was looking kind of bearish himself. When he lost his hair, he felt he was losing that image. So he went to Nuhart to have his bear hair restored. It is well known that surgical procedures can never restore full coverage with high density. Nevertheless, I feel Dan’s transplant has led to great results. He certainly seems happy with the results himself!

roy clark hair transplant - 01

roy clark hair transplant - 02

roy clark hair transplant - 03

roy clark hair transplant - 04

roy clark hair transplant - 05

Roy Clark’s hair transplant is a pretty good looking one, if it is even surgical work at all. I’m doubting about this one. But if it is, it’s a good one! Roy is a country music guitar player and singer. He’s been doing this stuff for ages now. This man has spent almost his entire life on the stage. It’s incredible that a guy can last that long. Either way… a big country star like that needs some hair to not only sound good but also look good while jamming on stage. Judging from the tight skin around his eyes in the last picture, I’d say Roy is no stranger to plastic surgery. It’s entirely possible that he has also had work done on his hair. Either way, I think Roy looks good!

So many celebrities have had work done on their hair. One of the greatest surgeries of all time has to be Sean Penn’s hair transplant. Another one that I recently blogged about which I also think is a good example of success, is Oliver Stone’s hair transplant.

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