Famous People Hair Transplants – Try And Find A Celeb Who Hasn’t Had It Done!

When life surprises us with the one of humanity’s greatest fears, hair loss, we stop and think for a while. It always comes too early, no matter if we are 20, 30 or 40 when we first discover that are full manes are receding. Hair loss can be a real psychological drama, because the hairline that once used to frame our face is now receding, forever changing the way we look. For the lion’s share of us, the new situation takes some time to get used to. And the worst thing about it, is that we feel so powerless against hair loss. What are you going to do about it? A lot of young men will have nightmares about having to seek refuge in combovers.

Luckily, we aren’t completely powerless against the disease that is hair loss. In these modern times, we have the means available to us to do something about this condition. This wasn’t always the case. Everybody who lived around half a century ago and was losing his or her hair, was pretty much stuck in that situation. Nowadays, we have the drugs finasteride and dutasteride to counter hair loss. But these drugs only slow the process down. They don’t even stop it completely. There is no real way to stop hair loss, but the good news is… it can be partially reversed! Ofcourse, you will have to resort to getting a hair transplant if you are serious about this.

Famous People Hair Transplants

So what kind of results can we expect from getting hair restoration surgery performed on our balding scalps? The good news is that this treatment is known to produce excellent and very impressive results from time to time. The bad news is that not everybody’s hair transplant looks good. Not everybody has high quality donor hair. Some people aren’t even suitable to have it done because their hair quality is low. This procedure will also cost you dearly and hair loss still isn’t stopped dead in it tracks. It’s just partially reversed… but still continuing! But you can combine this surgery with a drug such as finasteride to accomplish the longest lasting results.

Consider Jude Law’s hair transplant, for instance. This young, good looking guy once sported full manes that many a teenage girl fell in love with. When he became a few years older, his hairline started a massive recession. He had really lost a lot of hair. He’s had at least one hair restoration treatment. When you look at him now, you will see that he has a head full of hair almost as if he never lost any in the first place! He has excellent coverage and excellent density. If only all hair plugs would look like Jude’s. And then there is Elton John’s hair transplant. This fellow was almost completely bald by the time he had reached the age of 30. He coped with it by wearing hats. And if he wasn’t wearing hats, he wore extremely silly glasses to distract attention away from his head. But this guy had some serious hair work performed on him. And now look at him! He’s got a full, healthy looking head of hair again. It’s amazing the results that some people get from this procedure!

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