Famous Celebrity Hair Transplants

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David Cassidy’s hair transplant is kind of obvious and ‘in your face’. But then again, it is considered normal these days for a human being to try and improve their looks in artificial manners. David Cassidy has lots of coverage and also pretty good density. You can see that he’s had surgery, but overall he does look pretty good. Good looks are kind of necessary when you’re an actor, singer, songwriter and guitar player! David sure gets around in the show biz  world!

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Ian Ziering

Mannís Village Theater

Ian Ziering’s hair transplant is a real success. Everybody remembers Ian from the hit show Beverly Hills 90210, which was a smashing hit in the nineties. Ian has lost much of his hair in recent years, but he has gained almost all of it back with a really nice hair job. It’s great coverage and very good density that Ian has here. You can tell by the way he looks that he’s confident with his hair. And just look at that shiny, white smile of his!

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Timothy Stack’s hair transplant gives him great coverage, but the density is less impressive. Timothy Stack has acted in the hit show My Name Is Earl, where he basically played a parody on himself. He used to be completely bald, but his hair surgery has given him back some of his looks. He’s an older guy, so he doesn’t really need high density anyway. I hope he’s going to have a fantastic acting career, despite the fact that My name Is Earl got cancelled.

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Richard Simmons’ hair transplant has given him a very sharp hairline, which doesn’t look completely natural. It’ doesn’t look really bad… at least he’s got decent coverage and good density. His hair is kind of frizzy, so it must be hard for him to do something constructive with it. You have to feel for the guy… not everybody has a bad hair day every single day of his life. But Richard looks to me like a guy who is happy with himself!

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Billy West’s hair transplant is not at all that bad. He manages to comb it in such a way that he covers up his bald spot pretty well. Billy is known for voicing all sorts of silly cartoon characters such as Philip J. Fry from Futurama and Stimpy from Ren & Stimpy. As a voice actor, he doesn’t make a lot of public appearances. But Billy, like the rest of us, is only a human being and he wants to look his best. So that’s why he opted for hair restoration surgery when hair loss took the best of him. He looks good!

Are you a fan of CSI: Miami? Then you should really check out David Caruso’s hair transplant if you’d like to see more. Does anybody remember that silly guy Murdock from The A-Team? He used to be hairless, but not anymore! Have a look at Dwight Schultz’s hair transplant right here!

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