Examples Of Celebrity Hair Transplants

silvio berlusconi hair transplant 01

silvio berlusconi hair transplant 02

silvio berlusconi hair transplant 03

silvio berlusconi hair transplant 04

silvio berlusconi hair transplant 05

Silvio Berlusconi’s hair transplant is perhaps the one hair restoration to get the most media attention of all. Berlusconi made the news after he had his bald head worked on by a surgeon. And the results are not bad at all. Look at the coverage that he has. The density is medium, I would say. So the total results is actually pretty good. Silvio Berlusconi can rest a little more easily now that he knows he can hang onto his youth for a few more years!

nawaz sharif hair transplant 01

nawaz sharif hair transplant 02

nawaz sharif hair transplant 03

nawaz sharif hair transplant 04

nawaz sharif hair transplant 05

Nawaz Sharif’s hair transplant isn’t bad… far from it even! Like Silvio, Nawaz is a political figure. Silvio is calling the shots in Italy, but Nawaz is doing the same in Pakistan. Look at the first two pictures: his head is almost completely bald. But now… he’s got incredible coverage from his hair restoration procedure. And the density is pretty good as well. This guy had great donor hair. An enormous thick patch of dark hair in the back of is head was used to give Nawaz Sharif his hair back!

glenn beck hair transplant 01

glenn beck hair transplant 02

glenn beck hair transplant 03

glenn beck hair transplant 04

Glenn Beck’s hair transplant looks okay. His albino hair wasn’t thick to begin with, so he didn’t have the best donor hair for a transplant. His hairline looks restored to me and the density isn’t great. But at least he’s got his complete hairline back.

val kilmer hair transplant 01

val kilmer hair transplant 02

val kilmer hair transplant 03

val kilmer hair transplant 04

val kilmer hair transplant 05

val kilmer hair transplant 06

Val Kilmer’s hair transplant is not a bad one at all. When he was young, he a was a real pretty boy with good looks and a great head of hair to match. But like so many of us, some of his hair fell out as he got a little older. Surgical hair restoration fixed that problem right up for him. Picture six makes it quite clear that Val Kilmer has plugs at the front of his hairline. But it’s okay, because they look pretty natural. His entire hairline has been restored and he’s still got the wavy hair he used to have as a young guy. Overall, Val looks very good!

brad pitt hair transplant 01

brad pitt hair transplant 02

brad pitt hair transplant 03

brad pitt hair transplant 04


brad pitt hair transplant 06

brad pitt hair transplant 07

Brad Pitt’s hair transplant… is it even a transplant? Or do you suppose this guy lucked out and got super genes that allow him to hold on to his teenage hairline well into middle age? I’m guessing it’s the latter, because I honestly cannot imagine this is a surgical hair restoration procedure. If it was, than Brad Pitt’s surgeon would have no more life. Every bald man in the world would want to be worked over by that guy! Nope… I don’t think Brad has had his hair done. Brad, much like Ozzy Osbourne, has the fortunate luck to have an enormous amount of hair at an advanced age. I hear Ozzy’s DNA is being researched now. Perhaps Brad Pitt should donate his DNA to science as well. We might learn something useful from it, hair wise.

Would you like to see more examples of what surgical hair restoration can do for a person? Have a look at Barry Switzer’s hair transplant right now. Another hair restoration that I like, is David Cassidy’s hair transplant. It’s one of the better ones I’ve seen recently.

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