Elton John’s Hair Transplant

elton john hair transplant 01  
Back in the old days, Elton John was a little silly. He was also a little bald.

elton john hair transplant 02  
After extensive work on his hair, Elton John has regained a nice head of hair.

elton john hair transplant 03  
Elton John’s hair transplant. The plugs up front are very sturdy hairs that stand up straight. It makes Elton look very young. The hairline is also very natural.

elton john hair transplant 04  
Another photo of Elton John’s hair plugs.

elton john hair transplant 05  
Click this picture to see a really big version. His hairline looks extremely natural.

I must say that Elton John’s hair transplant is a very successful one! The hairline looks totally natural, even though the density leaves to be desired. But the natural look kind of makes up for the density issue. Elton used to be pretty bald and I feel his hair plugs have made a huge improvement for him.

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