Dynamax Freedom 100 Review – A Personal Laser Hair Growth Story

How I Got Into Laser Hair Regrowth

I have been suffering with hair loss for a very long time. And like so many other people out there who are also suffering from it, I have pretty much researched all my possible options. Finasteride, dutasteride, vitamin supplements, hair transplants, etc. But one thing I had never really looked into was regrowing hair with a laser.

The Dynamax Freedom 100 is not the first laser hair regrowth system that I’ve ever seen in an advertisement on television or in a magazine. I’ve actually known about laser hair regrowth for quite a few years. But I’ve always thought that it was a complete scam, without really having researched the topic in great detail.

After hearing some positive things on laser hair regrowth from a friend, I suddenly realized that I had not investigated it enough to label it a scam. And besides, if there really was some truth to regrowing hair with a laser, then I would want to know about it!


What Causes Baldness?

02 - dynamax freedom 100 before after I don’t want to generalize, so let me start off by saying that hair loss can be caused by many things. It’s not always genetics or bad diet, but it can also be caused by disease. But more often than not, the cause of hair loss can be directly traced back to a number of hormones. It works different in men (testosterone) and women (estrogen), but in the end… it’s always hormones!


How Does The Dynamax Freedom 100 Work To Regrow Hair?

03 - dynamax freedom 100 before after When your hormones are not in optimal shape, your hair will suffer. The diameter of your hairs can become smaller and smaller until the hair falls out completely. This is because the hair follicle can not get the nutrients it needs to remain healthy.

The Dynamax Freedom 100 laser hair system works by stimulating the bloodflow in your scalp to make sure that your hairs get all the nutrients they need to stay thick and healthy. Dynamax says that it is suspected that ATP production in cells is increased. The acronym ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate. This molecule is the cell’s main source of energy.

Dynamax also suspects that the Freedom 100 laser stops DHT, the balding hormone, to some degree.

So evidently, the reason why a laser light can help a person regrow scalp hair has not been thoroughly researched as of yet. Otherwise Dynamax would not suspect anything… they’d simply know it.

Scientifically researched or not… the proof is in the pudding. That’s why I decided to try out the Freedom 100 laser hair growth system for myself. Read on to learn more about my results!


What Results Did I Get From The Dynamax Freedom 100 Laser Hair System?

04 - dynamax freedom 100 before after Dynamax is upfront about it: it’s going to take time for you to see results and you do have to make sure that you wear the system on your head every single day.

The Dynamax Freedom 100 is pretty pricey and I wanted to make sure that I got value for money. So I quit my finasteride regimen (this took some guts and I considered it to be quite a leap of faith) and I made sure to put the Dynamax Freedom 100 to use each and every single day for half a year.

This was half a year ago. And I’ve been using the Freedom 100 every single day from then.

Imagine the look on my face when I noticed real results after only 2 months!!! I’m talking significant hair growth here.

Pleasantly surprised by the initial results, I kept wearing my Dynamax Freedom 100 cap every single day, just as I had done in the previous two months. Wearing the cap is comfortable and completely painless. I work at home behind a computer, so it doesn’t interrupt my day in any way.

Another two months down the road… ayup, you guessed it: even more results! Thicker hair and more of it. I could clearly see the difference in the mirror.

Yet another two months further down the road and we end up in the present. My hair has become even thicker than it already was at the 4 month mark.

Needless to say, I am truly flabbergasted by the results.

The Dynamax Freedom 100 before and after images I am posting here are not of my own scalp. I took them from the Dynamax website, as both my own photography equiment as well as my photography skills are not good enough to truly show the results.  But, the results from these Dynamax before and after photos are definitely similar to what I personally have achieved!

As a matter of fact, I think I may have gotten slightly better results even. I’m going to continue using the system from now on. The longer I used it, the more money I save. In the long run, I’m saving big bucks that I would have otherwise spent on finasteride!

I probably also won’t be going in for a hair transplant anymore.


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Where Can You Buy The Dynamax Freedom 100?

You can buy a Dynamax Freedom 100 on either Amazon or on the official Dynamax website.

The great thing is that you can return it if you are not happy with the results over half a year.

A half a year ago, I felt pretty safe buying it because of this guarantee. Knowing that I could return it at any time I wanted to really made the purchase much easier.

After the results I’ve gotten from it, needles to say… I won’t be returning mine!

Review by:

Terry (43)

Los Angeles

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