David Beckham’s Hair Transplant

david beckham hair transplant 01  
David Beckham a few years ago. What about that hairline? It looks kind of like hair plugs… but maybe it’s all in my head. I tend to see just about everything as an unnatural hairline because I’ve made the mistake of focusing on it too much after having had an HT myself.

David with his hair short.

david beckham hair transplant 03  
Another short hair picture. If that’s a hair transplant covering his bald spots, then it was a damn good one!

david beckham hair transplant 04  
David Beckham with longer hair. This picture is old and shows him with a full head of hair.

david beckham hair transplant 05  
David Beckham’s hair transplant. Or is it…?

david beckham hair transplant 06  
David’s many hairstyles…

David Beckham’s hair transplant… is it even a hair transplant or are people simply mistaken. Rumor has it on the web that he did, in fact, had some work done. So what’s up with the picture that shows thin hair on top of his head? Is it his natural hair gone thin, or was his natural hair gone and has it been replaced by implants? If they are hair plugs, then David managed to get some good coverage!

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