Chest Hair Transplants – Non Invasive Donor Hair Attainment

A lot of people today are very aware of their appearance. The things we tend to hate most about ourselves are our obesity and our hair loss. While one can be remedied by getting on a healthy diet and exercise, the other is not so easily solved. You know which one that is, right? Eating healthy and doing exercise can lengten the lifespan of your head hair, but part of the hair loss problem is genetic. You cannot offset hair loss completely. And reversing it is also next to impossible.

Many people today opt for a hair transplant to partially reverse their hair loss. Granted, hair transplants can give you very nice results. But that is only if you don’t expect too much from them. This surgery is not a final cure for baldness. As a matter of fact, hair transplants do nothing to stop future hair loss. Once you’ve had one treatment, you are likely to ‘have to’ come back for more treatments later on, as you lose more hair. It’s best to combine a hair transplant with a drug such as finasteride. This way, you are not only partially reversing hair loss, but you are also slowing down the future loss of hair.

Another disadvantage of hair transplant surgery, is that it can be quite invasive. Most clinics are still doing strip hair transplants, where a strip of tissue with donor hair is excavated from the back of your head. But since a few years, there is another way of getting donor hair…

Chest Hair Transplants

If you don’t have a lot of hair on your head, but you do have a lot of hair on your chest, consider yourself a lucky guy! Because you are probably eligable for a chest hair transplant! With chest hair transplants, the donor hair doesn’t come from the back of your head. It comes from your chest!

Naturally, you are wondering how this is possible. Your chest hair is all coarse and curly and it doesn’t look anything like the hair you have on your scalp. The great thing is that, next to being DHT resistant, your chest hair will take on the properties of your head hair once it is transplanted on your scalp. Your chest hair will no longer be curly, but it will take on the same form as the hair that used to grow there before you went bald. It will also grow just as long as your previous hair did.

Unlike a strip hair transplant, the donor hairs will have to be excavated individually. This makes this treatment more labor intensive and more expensive, but also much less invasive. And that’s a big advantage!

Donor hair doesn’t necessarily have to come from your chest, however. It might as well come from your back or any other area where you have thick hair (such as your pubic area). With a body hair transplant like this, you are killing two birds with one stone. You’re getting rid of unwanted body hair on some place of your body, and you’re gaining hair back on the top of your head, where you want it the most!

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