Celebrity Hair Transplants – They Can Be Hard To Spot!

In these last few decades, one of the most high impact advances when it comes to cosmetic enhancement, has got to be the hair transplant. A hair transplant is a fairly invasive type of surgery that is used mostly by young men to restore a full head of hair that is now going thin. Women can lose their hair every once in a while as well, but it’s a lot more rare. Some women, like men, are genetically predisposed to losing hair. Other causes for losing hair might be a disease or an accident. But luckily, hair restoration surgery can be applied to both men and women. This treatment has been around for decades now. It already existed in the 60s and the 70s. Over the years, it has gained more and more popularity. The technology is also getting better. And the results too!

This surgical method of restoring hair works by transplanting grafts into balding areas, usually on top of the scalp. These grafts are tiny bits of tissue that contain hairs. These donor tissue comes from the back of the head. In the back or our heads, the hairs are immune to the balding hormone DHT, which slowly eats away at our hair follicles. The hair in the back of the head never falls out. And when it is transplanted to an area where hair loss has previously occurred, the hair will remain thick and healthy. These transplanted grafts contain no more than 4 hairs. Because only small amounts of hair, the end result looks natural.

Celebrity Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are so popular these days, it’s hard to find a celebrity who hasn’t had one yet. Celebrities kind of depend on their looks for successful careers, so when the hair starts falling out, they have the tendency to start feeling a little anxious about it. Thankfully, most famous Hollywood stars have plenty of money and are not afraid to spend it on looking better. Even if that means getting a hair transplant! Next to hair transplants, celebrities also use other things to combat their hair loss. Think of topicals, drugs, toupees and hair pieces. But nothing works as well as the hair transplant does. It’s the only way to permanently remedy the situation.

A nice example of great hair restoration surgery is David Beckham’s hair transplant. Some say he never even had one, but I’m not too sure about it. There are pictures on the web where his hair is rather thin. And when I see a picture of him sporting a full mane again, then I start to get a little suspicious! Another example is Jamie Foxx’s hair transplant. This guy didn’t really need one in my opinion, but he wanted one anyway. His hair work has lowered his hairline in such a way that it looks like he’s wearing a helmet. He was probably insecure about his large forehead or something like that. Either way, I think he looks good now!

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