Celebrity Hair Transplants In Pictures

liam neeson hair transplant - 01

liam neeson hair transplant - 02

liam neeson hair transplant - 03

liam neeson hair transplant - 04

liam neeson hair transplant - 05

liam neeson hair transplant - 06

Liam Neeson’s hair transplant has done a lot for him to gain back his once complete hairline. In the picture above, we see a young Liam posing with a content smile on his face. When that picture was taken, his hairline was still natural. As he aged, he lost some hair and his density decreased. But now that he’s had that little problem fixed, he once again has a very decent hairline. You can clearly see that those are plugs up front, but overall I would say Liam looks pretty good with his hair!

chris martin hair transplant - 01

chris martin hair transplant - 02

chris martin hair transplant - 03

chris martin hair transplant - 04

chris martin hair transplant - 05

chris martin hair transplant - 06

chris martin hair transplant - 07

Chris Martin’s hair transplant has allowed him to hold on to his youthful looks. He is already a young looking guy naturally. But when he lost some of his hair, some of his youth appeared to disappear with him. Now that he’s had some work done, he is looking much better again. He lets it grow a little longer so he can let his front hair cover up some more bald skin. I think Chris Martin’s hair looks good and I hope he will continue to make music for a long time to come!

john cleese hair transplant - 01

john cleese hair transplant - 02

john cleese hair transplant - 03

john cleese hair transplant - 04

john cleese hair transplant - 05

john cleese hair transplant - 06

John Cleese’s hair transplant has given him back the coverage he needed so desperately after pretty much losing it all. His head used to be completely bald. John is a legendary comedy talent and I hated to see him lose his hair. I’m glad he has made the choice of doing something about it. For an older guy like him, it’s completely okay to not have full coverage or even full density anymore. John looks great and looks happy with his hair!

david lee roth hair transplant - 01

david lee roth hair transplant - 02

david lee roth hair transplant - 03

david lee roth hair transplant - 04

david lee roth hair transplant - 05

david lee roth hair transplant - 06

David Lee Roth’s hair transplant has not restored the wild manes that he once had. David is famous for being the flamboyant singer of the guitar band Van Halen. Back in the day, he was the poster child for the culture of long haired guitar rockers. Due to his wild lifestyle, he lost some of his good looks, including his hair. He tried holding on to his long hair for a long time, but he finally wised up. Now that he is of age, he has obviously had a hair transplant and he keeps his hair cut relatively short. He looks great and I’m glad for him!

robert forster hair transplant - 01

robert forster hair transplant - 02

robert forster hair transplant - 03

robert forster hair transplant - 04

robert forster hair transplant - 05

Robert Forster’s hair transplant sure is something. We all know him from the Tarantino movie Jackie Brown, where he played Max Cherry… the guy who bailed people out of jail. That movie was shot way back in 1997. The first picture is a screenshot from the movie. Look at all the hair Robert still had back then. Years later, not much of his hair is left. As a matter of fact, I’m willing to bet he went completely bald. Apparently he preferred coverage over density. He’s got lots of coverage, but the density is not so great. I’ve seen better hair jobs, but I’ve also seen worse.

If you are interested in seeing many more celebrity transplant, then perhaps you will want to check out Stacy Keach’s hair transplant, which is not a bad one at all. Another noteworthy hair job would be Harry Connick’s hair transplant, which has completely restored his hairline to him. Harry’s hair looks absolutely fabulous!

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