Celebrity Hair Transplants In Photos

rob schneider hair transplant - 01

rob schneider hair transplant - 02

rob schneider hair transplant - 03

rob schneider hair transplant - 04

rob schneider hair transplant - 05

Rob Schneider’s hair transplant has certainly helped him out quite a bit. His hair used to be much thinner up there, but now it’s looking alright again. He’s a real funny guy who has acted in lots of hilarious movies. He looks funny with his hair sticking up like that. His hair is doing a great job of making him look funnier. With a bald head, Rob just wasn’t Rob anymore. But now, Rob Schneider is back with a vengeance!

richard grieco hair transplant - 01

richard grieco hair transplant - 02

richard grieco hair transplant - 03

richard grieco hair transplant - 04

richard grieco hair transplant - 05

richard grieco hair transplant - 06

Richard Grieco’s hair transplant is not a bad one, indeed. This pretty boy used to act in 21 Jump Street (even if only for 18 episodes), a hit series in the late eighties and the early nineties. It was about cops catching bad guys. Back in those days, Richard was a real pretty boy. And he had his hair to thank for that status. As he aged, he lost some of it. Richard wasn’t going to put up with that, so he contacted a hair surgeon who fixed him right up. He may have had some hair left of his own, but part of that hair on top of his head look like implants to me. Not that it matters… Richard still looks good!

antonio banderas hair transplant - 01

antonio banderas hair transplant - 02

antonio banderas hair transplant - 03

antonio banderas hair transplant - 04

Loews Lincoln Square

antonio banderas hair transplant - 06

Antonio Banderas’ hair transplant is a real success story. Antonio depends on his good looks for his career. A good lookin’ guy like this can’t have his hair falling out of his head! Ofcourse, Antonio isn’t immune to the ravages of Mother Nature and Father Time. He is just a normal human being, just like the rest of us. I think Antonio has suffered some hair loss a while ago and he seems to have had it fixed by surgery. When you look at pictures number four and six, then you will see what I mean. It looks like they are implants, but they sure look good. Way to go, Antonio!

axl rose hair transplant - 01

axl rose hair transplant - 02

axl rose hair transplant - 03

axl rose hair transplant - 04

axl rose hair transplant - 05

axl rose hair transplant - 06

Axl Rose’s hair transplant sure is something different. I don’t know what is up with all the beads he has in his hair nowadays, but I don’t think his hair surgeon put those there. Axl Rose is well known from the awesome metal band Guns ‘N Roses. Back in those days, Axl had all of his natural hair and he let it grow pretty long, what with being a heavy metal singer and all. See the first picture to see what he looked like in those days. He needs his hair because it’s an important aspect of his career. It’s well known that he lost much of it and had something done about it. Maybe he wasn’t happy with the results or something, because he went ahead and put beads in his hair. All in all, he looks pretty good for his age. I loved his music and I still do to this very day!

the edge u2 hair transplant - 01

the edge u2 hair transplant - 02

The Edge’s hair transplant is not really the most greatest I’ve ever seen. The Edge’s real name is David Howell Evans and he’s the guitarist of the very successful Irish band known has U2. The Edge look just fine when he was completely bald. Nothing needed to be done. But, apparently, he wanted to have his hair back for some reason. His implants look kind of pluggy. The density is not all that and also the hairline doesn’t look very natural. It’s just a little bit too straight. Oh well, he can always shave the hair and be bald again. Just so long as he keeps making music.

Most people don’t realize that Tom Cruise’s hair transplant is, in fact, a transplant! Oh, sure… he makes it look like it’s all natural, but the odds of that are slim, considering his age. I think he’s probably had some work done. Another one that I think looks pretty great, is Liam Neeson’s hair transplant. He was suffering from severe hair loss. But his surgeon fixed him up with a new head of hair real good!

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