Celebrity Hair Transplants

Hollywood is a pretty big world. It’s not uncommon for celebrities to try and enhance there cosmetic appearance a little every once in a while. These actors are constantly in the spotlights and they have to do everything they can to make themselves look good. They pretty much depend on their looks to get work and success. Their entire careers are based on their image. The youthful and healthy look must be preserved at all costs. Hollywood stars will spend thousands if not tens of thousands on improving their looks.

Celebrity Hair Transplants

On of the things that are considered to be extremely big in Hollywood, is the hair. This is no surprise, because us ‘normies’ value our hair more than anything. The only thing we hate more than losing our hair, is being fat. And that says a lot!

brendan fraser hair transplant 01 But what are you going to do when your hair starts falling out? Hair loss is to a Hollywood star what going deaf was to Beethoven. Imagine if pretty boys such as Brendan Fraser, Jude Law and Matthew McConaughey had never had hair transplants done… they would’ve lost their looks and this very well might cause their downfall. And nobody wants to see his or her Hollywood career come to and end! Once you’ve had a taste of stardom, you’re going to be hooked forever!

Celebrity Hair Plugs

But this doesn’t only go for young guys. Older guys such as Mel Gibson, John Travolta, Kevin Costner, Jamie Foxx, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elton John, Edward Norton, Nicholas Cage, Salman Khan and more… they’ve all had work done on their hair. For some of these guys, the results are more impressive than for others.

matthew mcconaughey hair transplant 02 Despite varying results, the public is starting to notice more and more. The more celebrities get hair plugs, the more you’ll see those hair plugs in the movies and on television. It’s no surprise that, eventually, hair transplants become the talk of the town. For this reason, this procedure has become increasingly popular in recent years. Its popularity has been growing for decades now already, with no end in sight.

With the great improvements of the technology behind this treatment, the cost of hair transplants is coming down rapidly. Dropping prices are also due the fact that more and more clinics are offering this treatment. Who knows… one day we might all be able to afford to look as good as the stars do!

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