Celebrity Hair Transplant Pictures – Before And After Photos Can Show You A Lot!

These last few decades have brought us many ways to somehow alter our cosmetic appearance for the better. The treatment that has left the biggest impact on me, is the hair transplant. No contest! Have you ever seen anything that can make such a drastic positive alteration to a person’s looks as cosmetic hair surgery? I sure haven’t! Weight loss pills and wrinkle creams can’t work miracles. Breast enlargement surgery and facelifts can give unnatural results. Granted, hair transplants have made people look unnatural in the past as well. But those days are gone. The technology behind the treatment is now so far advanced that you can’t tell restored hair from natural hair.

The reason why results look so much more natural these days, is because much tinier grafts are used. Grafts are small pieces of donor tissue that contain hairs. In the old days, these grafts used to contain many, many hairs. Certainly more than four. Hairs never occur in groups of more than four on the human head. And now that grafts never contain more than one hair group, the surgeon can work much more precisely when he is transplanting these grafts back into balding areas on top of the head. Using bigger grafts produces unnatural results. People have called these results corn rows or the doll hair.

Celebrity Hair Transplant Pictures

We are talking about a very invasive procedure here. You should never just take the plunge and have one done. That’s what celebrities do as well, although some have picked better clinics to get the procedure performed than others. There are a lot of celebrity hair plugs photos available on the web that you can have a good look at to learn what kind of results you might expect from hair work. Because famous people are constantly in the spotlight, it is easy to find some pictures of them when they were young and still had their hair, when they started losing their hair and after they had hair surgery performed on them.

For example, have a look at Brendan Fraser’s hair transplant. Brendan is your typical hot, young guy with a large fan base of young adult females. He starts in many movies. And although I won’t say a bad word about his acting capabilities, one must also confess that he kind of depends on having a healthy, full head of hair. Brendan started losing his hair pretty early and his hair loss was also very severe. Thanks to hair restoration, Brendan now looks a lot better again. Then there is Bono’s hair transplant. You know Bono, right? The singer from U2 who has a taste for style and class. He is always looking his best. But when he started losing his hair… you guessed it! Time to visit the old hair surgeon for some restoration! Bono’s hair plugs look really good. A natural hairline and very decent density make him look much younger again!

Before you go in for a hair transplantation yourself, make sure to check out the celebrities’ before and after pictures so you know what to expect!

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