Celebrity Hair Transplant Examples

dennis miller hair transplant - 01

dennis miller hair transplant - 02

dennis miller hair transplant - 03

dennis miller hair transplant - 04

dennis miller hair transplant - 05

Dennis Miller’s hair transplant is far from the worst I’ve ever seen. Not so long ago, he started to lose his hair. His hairline was seriously receding. He made the choice to visit a clinic to have something done about it and the results are not bad at all. One of the reasons why Dennis’ hair surgery is such a success, is because he still had a bunch of thick, naturals hairs in his balding area. The transplant he had made the area more dense again. The total result is now very natural. Lookin’ good there, Dennis!

oliver stone hair transplant - 01

oliver stone hair transplant - 02

oliver stone hair transplant - 03

oliver stone hair transplant - 04

oliver stone hair transplant - 05

Oliver Stone’s hair transplant also looks very good to me. Just like with Dennis Miller, Oliver still had natural hair growing in the area that was thinning out. Just have a look at the top photo and you will see. Oliver still had good coverage pre-op, but it was really, really thin. A transplant sure took care of that little problem. You can visibly see that the hairs are transplants, but overall… I’d say Oliver looks pretty good. He also looks very content with himself, so I’m happy for him.

bruce willis hair transplant - 01

bruce willis hair transplant - 02

bruce willis hair transplant - 03

bruce willis hair transplant - 04

bruce willis hair transplant - 05

Bruce Willis’ hair transplant… or did he even have a hair transplant at all? Look at the most recent pictures… he’s completely bald! But some people speculate that the little bit of hair he used to have many years ago were actually implants. Ofcourse… it’s possible that this is indeed the case. Maybe the natural hairs growing in between those implants have fallen out, and the implants alone didn’t give him enough density. So he decided to shave it off. But all of that is speculation. Truth be told… I don’t think Bruce had any work done. Show me a picture of the back of Bruce’s head… if it has a scar, then I’ll change my mind. Either way… Bruce looks good bald!

bob barker hair transplant - 01

bob barker hair transplant - 02

bob barker hair transplant - 03

bob barker hair transplant - 04

bob barker hair transplant - 05

Bob Barker’s hair transplant looks okay. For an older guy with grey and thin hair, he is getting some pretty decent coverage from his transplant. Bob’s hairline doesn’t look completely natural to me on the left side. Maybe he has developed some scar tissue in that region while his scalp was healing from receiving the implants. Most people are completely bald by the time they reach that age, but Bob still has plenty of hair! Good one, Bob!

andrew dice clay hair transplant - 01

andrew dice clay hair transplant - 02

andrew dice clay hair transplant - 03

andrew dice clay hair transplant - 04

andrew dice clay hair transplant - 05

Andrew Dice Clay’s hair transplant. I’m not even sure it is a transplant myself. What I do know, is that Andrew had a lot of hair when he was a young guy. Look at the top picture and just watch those full manes of his. Now that he’s getting older, his manes are falling out. The little bit of density he has left on top of his head might be surgical work or it might not be. If those are implants, then I would expect them to be thicker. Oh well, a guy like Andrew Dice Clay is too cool to give a rat’s tail anyway!

For a few good examples, have a look at Elton John’s hair transplant. Not everybody’s surgery is equally successful. But there are some really nice pieces of work out there. Also check out Brendan Fraser’s hair transplant.

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