Celebrity Hair Transplant Example Pictures

gene simmons hair transplant 01

gene simmons hair transplant 02

gene simmons hair transplant 03

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Gene Simmons’ hair transplant has done a lot to increase his looks. This singer from the flamboyant band known as KISS is actually completely bald, as can be seen in the second picture. Gene didn’t appreciate this too much, so he decided to do something about it. Now he’s got plenty of hair on top of his head. I’m sure it’s not all from a transplant procedure. He’s probably also wearing a toupee or maybe some hair extensions or some stuff like that.

bill self hair transplant 02

bill self hair transplant 03

bill self hair transplant 04

bill self hair transplant 05

bill self hair transplant 06

Bill Self’s hair transplant is pretty much invisible, which is a good thing! And by that I mean that the work done on his head is almost untraceable. In the pictures above, Bill’s hair looks pretty natural. But upon closer examination, it can still be seen that the top of Bill’s head isn’t completely natural. Is that a transplant, a toupee or a wig? Nobody knows for sure, except Bill Self himself ofcourse!

dwight schultz hair transplant 01

dwight schultz hair transplant 02

dwight schultz hair transplant 03

dwight schultz hair transplant 04

dwight schultz hair transplant 05

Dwight Schultz’ hair transplant is looking okay to me. Everybody knows this guy as Murdock from The A-Team, ofcourse. The second picture is showing him acting the fool like he always did in that show. The first picture shows him acting in an episode of Star Trek. He had a lot more hair in that show than he did in The A-Team. That’s kind of weird, because his Star Trek performance was many years after his A-Team performance. What did Dwight do to his hair? The last three pictures clearly show he has had a hair transplant. Those are thick hairs in a not so high density. It looks good, though. But it’s still less hair than in the Star Trek performance. So I suspect he was wearing a wig when that episode was taped.

bill nye hair transplant 01

bill nye hair transplant 02

bill nye hair transplant 03

bill nye hair transplant 04

bill nye hair transplant 05

Bill Nye’s hair transplant… you can’t see anything about it because his hairline is never showing. His hair just sort of curls forward and hides the actual hairline. But many people say that Bill used to be considerably more hairless than he is pictured here. The second picture is showing some hairline, thought. It looks to me like he has had work done there and he is combing it over a little bit. All in all I’d say Bill Nye the Science Guy’s hair looks pretty good!

barry switzer hair transplant 01

barry switzer hair transplant 02

barry switzer hair transplant 03

barry switzer hair transplant 04

Barry Switzer’s hair transplant isn’t exactly the best one I’ve seen. He just didn’t have very good donor hair for this procedure, but he went ahead and had it done anyway. You can clearly see that those are plugs on top of his head. The hairs are thick but the density is not very high. The result doesn’t look very natural. And with the little bit of coverage that he has, he tries to do a comb over. In the fourth picture, we see Barry covering his face in shame. I can only guess as to what is the cause of that.

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