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francis rossi hair transplant 01

Francis Rossi of Status Quo
greet fans and sign copies of their new DVD 'Status Quo: Just Doin' It Live' and their book 'Status Quo: Official 40th Anniversary Edition' in Harrods
London, England - 10.11.06
Credit: Vince Maher/WENN

francis rossi hair transplant 03

francis rossi hair transplant 04

francis rossi hair transplant 05

Francis Rossi’s hair transplant is certainly not the worst I’ve ever seen in my life. Oh sure, he doesn’t have the most coverage or the most density that I’ve ever seen, but it still makes quite a difference. This guy used to be completely bald, you know! But now that he’s regained some of his hair, he looks younger again. He and his band Status Quo will continue to make music and look good doin’ it!

frank skinner hair transplant 01

frank skinner hair transplant 02

frank skinner hair transplant 03

frank skinner hair transplant 04

frank skinner hair transplant 05

Frank Skinner’s hair transplant doesn’t look bad. This funny guy, who is a writer and a comedian, is one of those guys who combs his hair forward most of the time. This covers up the hairline, making it more difficult to see whether he really did have surgery or not. But the fact that he hides the hairline makes me suspicious! So, Frank… did you have one or didn’t you? I have a sneaking suspicion that you did, but I can’t prove it!

shaun williamson hair transplant 01

shaun williamson hair transplant 02

shaun williamson hair transplant 03

  shaun williamson hair transplant 05

Shaun Williamson’s hair transplant is a real miracle. Shaun is one of those guys that walks into a clinic completely bald and comes walking out with a full head of hair. This British actor is mostly known for his role of Barry Evans on the soap opera known as EastEnders. The coverage that Shaun Williamson has gotten from his procedure is truly amazing. The density also looks pretty good to me. Truly incredible. If only everybody could have results like those!

russ abbot hair transplant 01

russ abbot hair transplant 02

russ abbot hair transplant 03

russ abbot hair transplant 04

A fan of this website emailed me recently and asked me to discuss Russ Abbot’s hair transplant. So I did my research and dug up some photographs of the man. Do you see any hair on top of his head? Nope, neither do I! Russ Abbot did not have a hair transplant!

alistair mcgowan hair transplant 01

alistair mcgowan hair transplant 02

alistair mcgowan hair transplant 03

alistair mcgowan hair transplant 04

alistair mcgowan hair transplant 05

alistair mcgowan hair transplant 06

Alistair McGowan’s hair transplant certainly isn’t the worst there is to find on this website. This British stand up comedian spends most of his life on stage. Apparently, Alistair felt he lost some of his image along with his hair. He opted for surgical hair restoration and now look at him! He used to be completely bald, but now he’s got great coverage. The density is alright. You can clearly see this in the sixth picture, where daylight shines right on top of his noggin. He’s got thick, black donor hair, which is very useful for getting good results. His surgery makes a day and night difference. I think Alistair McGowan looks pretty good!

Anybody remember that show Beverly Hills 90210 from two decades ago? Guess what… Ian Ziering’s hair transplant is one of the best ones on the site! Another one that’s pretty good and definitely worth checking out, is Val Kilmer’s hair transplant. Enjoy!

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