Celebrity Hair Plugs – More Common Than You Think!

As human beings, we are always looking for ways to improve our looks. We feel better when we look better. It’s a natural thing. It’s no use fighting it because the desire to be pretty isn’t going away anytime soon. We worry about our weight, our tans, our skin, our nails… and our hair! The list just goes on and on. But hair is one of the top priorities on our lists. A lot of people tend to feel bad about themselves when they’re having a bad hair day. Let alone when they start losing their hair! When that happens, we are overwhelmed with powerlessness. This is especially true for young men. But also for young women ofcourse, although it doesn’t happen to them as frequently as with men.

Hair loss is largely genetic. There is not much you can do about this. Sure, you can extend your own lifespan and that of your hairs by eating healthy and making sure you get plenty of exercise… but if baldness is in your genes, then eventually you’re going to have to face the facts. You cannot stop hair loss and you cannot reverse it. At least, not in a natural way. The only true method that actually produces permanent results in hair restoration, is the hair transplant. It’s quite an invasive procedure, but it’s known to produce permanent results that require almost no maintenance.

Celebrity Hair Plugs

So many celebrities have had hair transplants these days. And I can’t say that I blame them. They depend on their looks and their image to keep their careers going. As soon as they start to age a few years and the looks are starting to fade, those big fat paychecks they are used to won’t be coming in so fast anymore. A few wrinkles here and there aren’t so bad because it makes many people look distinguished. Gaining a few pounds isn’t so bad either, because you can always work those off by dieting and exercising. But hair loss has a way of changing one’s appearance for the worst. For that reason, many celebrities are willing to shell out to get work on their hair done.

Have a look at Salman Khan’s hair transplant. This guy is an Indian actor who is, in his home country, the equivalent of Brad Pitt, Jude Law, Matthew McConaughey, or whatever. A typical young and virile pretty boy. But then he lost his hair and wasn’t feeling too good about it. He had a hair transplant and made him look pretty awesome again. Many people are wondering who is hair surgeon was. It is rumored it was somewhere in Dubai. Then there is Steven Seagal’s hair transplant, which he has gotten a few years ago. Steven’s hairline started receding and it made him feel uncomfortable. Through hair restoration surgery, his hairline has been brought down a little and the density of his hair looks pretty good!

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