Bono’s Hair Transplant

bono hair transplant 01  
An airbrushed photo of Bono shows him at his best.

bono hair transplant 02  
This sideshot shows Bono’s hairline very clearly. Although I wish the photo was less dark for a clearer view.

bono hair transplant 03  
Bono’s hair transplant. This picture clearly shows his hairline and it’s looking pretty natural, even though it’s not very dense.

bono hair transplant 04  
With his hair short, Bono looks pretty good. The low density is not as obvious with short hair.

bono hair transplant 05  
Again, Bono’s hair is short and it’s not as dark as it once was. Because of this, the lights above are starting to shine through a little bit.

bono hair transplant 06  
In this vacation picture, Bono’s hairline has come forward significantly. Looks like he had more hair plugs put in recently.

bono hair transplant 07  
From above, we can clearly see his hair do isn’t what it used to be. The hair is thinning and he looks like an excellent candidate for a darkening spray.

All in all, I must say that Bono’s hair transplant has improved his looks significantly. He is an extremely popular artist who does a lot of gigs. It’s important for him to look good so I understand completely why he would choose to get work done on his hair. Good job, Bono. Good job!

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