Best Celebrity Hair Transplants Pictures

mickey rourke hair transplant 01

  mickey rourke hair transplant 02

Mickey Rourke’s hair transplant looks okay to me. Like many people, you can definitely see right through all the way to his scalp if there is a light shining down on top of him. All in all I’d say he’s got decent coverage, although I’ve seen better hairdos. Compared to when he was still young, his hair doesn’t look too bad. He didn’t have his hairline fully restored, but that’s okay for a guy his age. Nice goin’, Mick!

cannes jury call 140508

sean penn hair transplant 02  

  sean penn hair transplant 03

Sean Penn’s hair transplant is a real piece of work. Just look at how dense his hairline is upfront. The first picture shows a thin front hairline, but he has obviously had the density increased since then. In the second and third picture, he is older and yet has denser hair. It looks incredible. He’s right in the spotlights and there is no see-through effect at all. Hats off to Sean Penn’s hair plugs!

nick lachey hair transplant 01

nick lachey hair transplant 02

nick lachey new york gossip

Nick Lachey’s hair transplant can easily be called one of the better ones out there. Do you see how in the first picture on the left he has these incredibly large temples? His hairline has receded alright, that much is clear! But ever since he has had his hair restored in the balding areas, Nick’s hairline looks incredible. I can’t detect any signs of any work done on his head, even though it’s pretty obvious that something was done. Nice one, Nick.

Jones, Tommy Lee  

tommy lee jones hair transplant 02

tommy lee jones hair transplant 04

Tommy Lee Jones’ hair transplant is nothing impressive. He used to be completely bald, but now he’s got a small patch of hair on top of his head. You can clearly see they are hair plugs because there are some thick hairs in low density on top of there. If I were Tommy, I would’ve preferred to just stay bald. But if Tommy feels better with this, then I’m happy for him.

wade boggs hair transplant 01

wade boggs hair transplant 02

wade boggs hair transplant 03

wade boggs hair transplant 04

Wade Boggs’ hair transplant is pretty nice. He had a very large bald area and he has decided to cover it all. The result of this, is that the covered area looks a little thin. But it doesn’t look bad! As a matter of fact, I think that Wade’s hair restoration has improved his looks tremendously. It’s definitely a step forward in his cosmetic appearance. He’s been on television with it and he’s not embarrassed to talk about it. Good for you, Wade!

barry williams hair transplant 05

barry williams hair transplant 06

barry williams hair transplant 03

barry williams hair transplant 04

Barry Williams’ hair transplant has certainly improved his looks quite a bit. In the first, we see him at the surgeon’s office, viewed from the top. His head was pretty bald at that time. After the surgery, much of his bald area has once again been covered. The middle areas look denser than the hairline to me. But that is okay because of the way that Barry has combed his hair in the fourth picture. The way he wears it covers up some of the thinness. Lookin’ good there, Barry.

sylvester stallone hair transplant 01  

sylvester stallone hair transplant 02

sylvester stallone hair transplant 03

Sylvester Stallone’s hair transplant has restored his hairline pretty much all the way… if not further! In picture number three, we see Sly’s hairline lower than it is in the first two pictures. For some reason, Sly has decided to go for the caveman-look, complete with small forehead and everything. Just joking there, Sly. I think you look great. Your hair looks pretty dense all over and I see you’ve also had some work done on your skin. For a guy in his sixties, you’re a real piece of work. I’m a fan of yours and I hope you’ll stick around for a long time!

kevin james hair transplant 01

kevin james hair transplant 02

kevin james hair transplant 03

Kevin James’ hair transplant is a great success. If you’ve ever watched The King Of Queens, then you know that his hairline was receding quite a bit. It was starting to look thin all over. In the pictures above, we see Kevin with a new head of hair that his hair surgeon has given him so generously. He’s keeping it short, possibly to cover up the thinness of his hair. But we won’t know for sure until he grows it a little bit longer. Not that there’s anything wrong with short hair. I think Kevin looks fantastic.

billy bob thornton hair transplant 01  

billy bob thornton hair transplant 02

billy bob thornton hair transplant 03

billy bob thornton hair transplant 04

billy bob thornton hair transplant 05

Billy Bob Thornton’s hair transplant isn’t the greatest I’ve ever seen, but it still makes a drastic impact in his cosmetic appearance. He doesn’t have the best density or the best coverage out there, but the fact of the matter is that he was almost completely bald at first and now he’s got hair on top of his noggin. He lets it grow a little longer so he can cover up some more bald area without having to resort to the dreaded comb-over. All in all I think Billy Bob looks great!


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