Bad Hair Transplant Surgery – Know The Risks

If you are a person who is balding and you’ve come to this website, odds are that you have considered a hair transplant to remedy your situation. While hair transplants can definitely produce really nice results and cover up area that were previously bald, they can also go wrong. You must keep in mind that a hair transplant is surgery. You don’t go into a clinic and get one done just like you go into the barber shop for a hair cut. This is real surgery and it really is invasive. It involves some actual cutting in your skin and you’re going to be wounded from it. There is a recovery time that you will find no way around.

With hair transplant surgery, the doctor will have to injure you in two places. The first place is the back of your head. This is where thick, DHT resistant hair grows. These hair follicles are going to be transplanted onto your scalp where they are needed the most. The donor hairs are excavated in the form of a strip. The strip is sewn up as nicely as possible, but it will still take lots of time to heal. The second place is the top of your head. The balding area that you wish to have treated, to be precise. In order for the donor follicles to be transplanted here, the doctor must create hundrends of tiny wounds that will act as recipient sites for your hair.

Botched Hair Transplants – What Can Go Wrong?

First of all, there is the matter of the strip scar that you are going to have in the back of your head for the rest of your life. Your doctor will probably tell you that this scar is going to be pencil thin and you will never notice it in any way once it is healed up. But in some cases, the scar will stretch over time. It won’t be pencil thin anymore. It’s going to be more like a quarter of an inch. It is also possible that it will get raised. It is highly likely that it will start to itch. A quarter inch of scar tissue that goes from one ear to the next forms quite a ‘dam’. A dam that your nerves will not be able to penetrate easily, causing you numbness and other sensations you wouldn’t normally have.

Second of all, there is the top of your scalp, where the recipient sites have been made. Back in the old days, these recipient sites were extremely large and took very long to heal. Often, they would turn into pitted scars, causing the hairs within them to change direction. This is the hallmark of bad hair transplants, because it is completely undesired. The number of hairs transplanted in these days were too big, giving people the dreaded ‘doll hair’ effect.

When getting a hair transplant, make sure the clinic uses small grafts. If they don’t, run like hell and don’t look back!

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